So I'm not exactly sure as to the point behind doing a blog. If its just to talk about random shit or what, but I guess I'll give this a go.

I'm trying desperately to make music. I love ska music with the passion of a thousand suns, and jam with strangers all the time. How this occurs, is well...

I'm in the US Navy, stationed in Pearl Harbor, HI. We have a liberty centre on base, which has a fancy-ass music room in it. This music room contains an acoustic guitar, electric guitar (a nice strat), a yamaha bass, drum set, amps, mics, the whole bit. Most days, I'll go up there and jam out by myself. Some days, however, there will be someone else already in the room. Everyone is always open to jam out, fuck around, w/e, so its always cool. Most people are like, 'so what do you play' and I'm like 'Ska' and their all 'wtf is ska', so we proceed to make ska music, and the strangers always have a good time.


Trouble is, this never goes past a fucking jam session. I want a group to create with, play with on a regular basis, maybe lay down some tracks, do a fucking EP or something, play a show or two, share the beauty that is ska music with people, skank, drink lots of beer, and just fucking enjoy life. Granted, 21 is still fairly young, so I still have patience. But this shits irkin my soul, guys, and I had to vent. Thanks for reading my nonsense. :)

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Comment by Rude City Riot on May 29, 2011 at 3:45pm
Hey Jess - no plans for the islands for now but we plan to come as often as we can.  We know we have friends and fans out there.  The new album, 14 songs, including new recordings of Victoria and 25 years will be available on itunes on May 31 or shortly there after.  It is called "Nothin But Time"  - cheers, Dan and Rude City Riot
Comment by Jesse Tinker on May 29, 2011 at 3:39pm
Its funny you guys mention Pimpbot, because I met their bass player Friday night at the Go Jimmy Go show. He looked familiar, so I went up to him and said 'Are you by chance the bass player for Pimpbot?' And he was like 'Yeah' and I was all 'Man you guys rock, I saw you guys with Reel Big Fish and Upstanding Youth last year; killer show.' Didn't mention anything about jamming though. But forget Pimpbot for a moment, I want to see Rude City Riot come to Hawai'i. I've been blasting 'Victoria' in the car quite a bit lately, I'm ready for a show. Any plans for this?
Comment by Rude City Riot on May 29, 2011 at 1:39pm
Hey Jesse,  there are some good Ska bands on Oahu.  Look up Pimpbot and catch a few of their gigs. Talk to the lead singer and trombone player, Ferd.  He is a great guy as are all the guys in that band.  Eric the drummer is a good guy to ask about where to meet other Ska players.  Good luck - Ska and Hawaii, you are in Heaven man!

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