I'm sorry to say... The SKAspot Hall of Fame and SKAspot BOTM is no more...

I'm afraid I haven't done a real good job promoting the monthly contest and it seems that the same people are nominating the same bands every month. I'd like to focus my energy on what really matters to SKAspot users so I'm doing away with the Hall of Fame and will re-focus my energy on improving the overall portal. I hope to make it more comprehensive and integrated with SKA Summit, SKApedia, SKAToob, and the rest of the SKAspot Family. I know many will be disappointed while others won't notice anything has ever changed but it's a sacrifice I need to make for my own sanity and the direction I'd like to take SKAspot.

If anyone is willing to take on the responsibility of taking over the SKAspot Hall of Fame and Band of the Month (Perhaps in blog format?), let me know and I'll hand you the keys and we'll keep a link to it. Just shoot me an email or message on SKA Summit and I'll be happy to discuss it with you.

By the way... BIG congrats to the Band of the Year, Evil Petting Zoo! Also big congrats to Big D and the Kid's Table for BOTM for Sept. 08.

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Comment by Rude City Riot on September 19, 2008 at 4:37pm
Sad to see it go but I imagine is takes a bunch of time to manage it. I hope someone steps up and is willing to keep the concept alive. This is a great opportunity for one or more of the members to get deeper involved in the skaspot global agenda to spread the word. I would take it on but same as you, I am swamped already with Ska projects that I am having trouble getting to in a timely way. We skank on............doing what we can.
thank you for all your great work that has gotten us all to where we are now - part of the best ska site on the web. Cheers mate!

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