Me, 'No Self Control' by the Planet Smashers.

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Ratazans - Lick it back (Grover rec./2011)

Al from:
St. Petesburg skajazz review (exelent russian band)
Distemper (best russian skapunk)
Lost Propelleros (classic 3th wave ska from Serbia - southeast Europe)

It’s been over 10 years since the last installment of The All-Skanadian series and nearly
20 years since the first All-Skanadian Club showed the world that the Canadian ska scene is one
of the strongest and most diverse in the world.
Now, after more than a decade, Volume 5 is set to knock the world on it’s ass and send
a huge middle finger to every silly bastard who said that the genre was dead. This time around
Stomp Records teamed up with the good folks from the Victoria and Montreal Ska Festivals to
not only strengthen the scene but also seek out bands from far and wide.


ALL SKANADIAN Vol 5 - Stomp Records


cool story, bro

Unity - Desmond Dekker

I know I'll be listening to the 'All-Skanadian Club Vol. 5' comp as soon as possible. I already own the other four. :D

It Can Be Done-by the Red Skins

the big sleep streetlight at the moment

debut album REGGAE MYSTERIA by 2000 Tons of TNT (San Diego) stream or download ! Thanks for your support!

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