SKAspot 4.0 has been launched.
Come visit the new version of one of the biggest ska sites on the net.
We have redesigned, recoded, and reworked over 80% of the site and how it works.
Some of the new features include:

Redesigned and updated sections like Videos, Lyrics, Shows, Get Local, Artists, Pictures, FAQ, Feedback and more.
SkaFreaks Radio is back online and running 24/7 and is the largest running Ska Station in existence!
Requests are available for the radio station
We have a brand new forum on the site for everyone to communicate within
There is now support for members, with added bonuses like downloads and requests for those who join.
We have more ska videos then any other site on the net, besides YouTube. But with SkaFreaks you don't have to sort through the crap to find the gold.
We are also working hard to bring you more videos, audio and great features to the site

Come visit us and let us know what you think.

Toph The SkaFreak

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First to join!

Now, I don't want no fightin' between these two sites here, kay?
I'm a skanker not a fighter. I support SkaSummit & SkaSpot 100%. We are all here to support the music.
It looks good,lots of videos
SkaFreaks Radio is now being listed in Itunes Radio under the Reggae/Island category. Check it out and enjoy some awesome ska 24/7. is now not only the home of the largest ska radio station in existence but also the largest depository of ska (and only ska) videos on the web. The only site beating us right now is of course YouTube but with them you have to sort through all the crap and videos with only audio. Skafreaks offers over 500 videos that can now be watched on almost any platform and can easily be downloaded 100% free! Check out the videos section and get to watching.
Nice site !
i like Ska Summit better though :D

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