Especially leads, but even just any with a permanent female band member. I know of a few, but not too many. I know it's a male dominated genre but, still, there's gotta be more ladies out there.

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Got to say it again......the UK/JA based Reggae/Ska pop tinged DUB CITY ROCKERS have two excellent singers  KC Dub & Serenity....don't just take my word for it check out the new video for their new single "Trojan City Love" here -

The Dub City Rockers girlies!!!!


More Reggae than ska but East Park Reggae Collective are amazing right now

not gonna look through all these, but here's a couple from Prague:

Prague Ska Conspiracy

Basta Fidel

Gotta check the Jinkies out theyre amazing

Hey everyone, new to the forum here. Glad I found this place, I'm always on the lookout for new music, seems like a pretty great place to find it. Speaking of ladies in ska....

Classy San Diego is an Oklahoma City ska band with a female vocalist (I'm the drummer)! You can get our first EP for free at or check us out at

Check out my band Lucidity! We're from Long Island, NY. Both the vocalist and I (the guitarist) are female!

How bout Aimee Allen from The Interrupters?

Check out The Freecoasters - Ska, Reggae, Soul from Fort Myers, FL -

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