Like last year I am setting up a poll at my blog where people can vote for the best albums. 

That's why I am looking for all Ska albums worldwide released in 2010. The shortlist I collected is in this post. There have been some additions made in the comments. I am still on lookout for more albums from America, Asia, Africa, Australia. 

Can you drop some names?

Thanks, Joe

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Here are a few that I got so far this year, I think these were all 2010 releases. If I think of more I will follow up.

The Madness Method - Better Without You
Vic Ruggiero - Vic and Friends Vol. 1
Tomorrows Bad Seed - Sacred For Sale
Sonic Boom Six - Rude Awakening
Northwest Sons - Boundary Line
Maddie Ruthless & The Secret Affair - Hold The Phone
Reel Big Fish - A Best of Us for the Rest of Us
Beatdown - The Beatdown
The Fabulous Rudies - Help Me EP
The Slackers - Live on the West Side
Moon - The Moon EP
Kingly T - Rock It With Me
King Hammond - The King And I
Pama International - Outernational
Kind of Blind - The Blind EP
Rude Tuna - Rude Tuna
Streetlight Manifesto - 99 Songs of Revolution
The Heat Machine - No Coast Dance Party
Chris Murray - Yard Sale
Great additions, thanks a lot, Ska Bob.
Anywhere here who knows South American or Asian Ska bands with new records out?
Swiss Releases:
Open Season - Hey Darling
The Slobbers - Beating Your Pants Off!

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