a new 7" vinyl record ska subscription club (kickstarter page)

Hey there, I run the 23min of Ska podcast, and after making friends w/ several bands I decided it was time I that instead of just playing new ska music, I should be putting out new ska music as well.

So here's the kickstarter:

Check it out, do what ever, and thanks for taking the time to read this.

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Cool project, I signed up this morning.

I saw that Bob, and I humbly thank you! I'm really really excited about this, and I'm glad that others are too! Thanks so much and help me spread the word!

On behalf of the Georgetown Orbits, we're all very excited about this project as well! Anyone who sees this, please visit the link for more information, and please pass it along to any friends and family who may be interested as well!

There's a ton of great music coming out of a lot of different places, and with your help and support, releasing these singles will all be possible!

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