After the 2 or 3 years I've been listening to ska, I always seem to find some obscure ska band that I really end up liking. Even after I say to myself "Well it seems like I've found all the ska bands there are now.." I find another one and really get into it.
Such as, recently I got into the suicide machines and they're one of my favorite ska-core bands now.
Anybody else have any obscure bands that I can add to my collection?

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I first listened to Reel Big Fish, with their song A-W-E-S-O-M-E, which isn't technically a ska band.
Well, I had always heard of the suicide machines, I just hadn't listened to them until recently.
I've listened to the planet smashers, they're just too... childish? for my taste. Ska bands with lyrics and vocals like that just bug me (i.e. the aquabats, the ninjas)
Well, The Aquabats! aren't a ska band anymore, so you might as well delve into them now while the gettin' is good!
Obscure,.... Thats all pretty relative I'd think.

I know of (literally) hundreds of ska bands and to me they're all pretty well known because I'm familiar with them, but if I mention The Big, Amphetameanies, Three Minute Warning, Rebelation, APB, Westbound Train, The Bakesys, The Riffs, Sadies Doll, or even bands like Deals Gone Bad, Operation Ivy or Blukilla to a lot of people they go "who...?", yet are all great bands that I know and am familiar with.

Not an easy one, but I hope there's one or two in that short list that you don't know.

Perhaps if you put up your favourite style of ska then you may get more positive responses?
My favorite style is ska-core or 3rd wave, and I really like crack-rock bands, such as Choking Victim,
Leftover Crack, and Morning Glory. I hadn't heard of any of those except Westbound Train, Op Ivy and Deals Gone Bad. Thanks, I'll check the others out.
If your interested in the really obscure, check out a band called The Steadys (NYC c. 1988-1991). The only LP they are on is the obscure "NYC SKA LIVE LP" released by Moon Records in 1990. They were one of the early to mid 3rd Wave bands with a much heavier link to the 2-Tone sound and much less punk vibe. There are a few bootlegs of their stuff and I believe some video out there. Another great and early NYC band with heavy ska influences is Urban Blight (c.1982-?). Good luck on your hunt for obscure ska!
Only one I had to object to... Is Three Minute Warning really a ska band...? I heard no upstrokes or anything... They just sounded like rock to me.
Overall I'd say they were a ska band, but they have their moments. I'll drag the album out for a listen sometime soon though to make sure I have that right!
Got the NYC live album on factory pressing (brag, brag... yeah I know!) and TBH they werre pretty good. Was that ever put out on CD as I'd rather not play it :D
If your talking about the NYC SKA LIVE LP, it was never released on CD. I haven't heard that album in a long time. The search is on! (if this is not the album you speak of, then sorry for butting in)
Well I don't know what you have in your collection but here is a few I like....obscure/ different/ not as main stream.

-Mephaskapheles >albums>god bless satan and all others> jazz ska crazy satanic spoken word.

-early -Squad Five-O >album squad five-o >punk and ska done the best!! basslines are 100% best basslines ever on a cd. enjoy

- the untouchables

-Ryan Scrogins and the trench town Texans< ska swamp sound

-Joe Jackson- album You have to B sharp. Not ska/reggae artist but great music in this cd!

-Willie Nelson Reggae album.-covers Jimmy Cliff

-Long beach Dub all stars> 2 albums>some people miss that faze...get em

-Rhythm Doctors- Pre-Aggrolites..also Dirty Reggae Aggrolites.

Local New -Captain Squeegee and Soup Studs AZ. - Green Room Rockers- Ska Vendors - The Hi-Lites/Amalgamated- PedalTones- Ocens Eleven - Hub City Stompers - the big sound-
Thats the one, can see I'm going to have to drag it out of the collection and get it recorded then. Its a shame though as there were some good performances on that,
I found another obscure band from chicago.
They're called slapstick, and the bassist from alkaline trio plays bass for them.
Check them out, they're pretty sweet. Very third-wave.

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